At Ascension.protocol, our mission is to help humanity reach the next level of evolution through technology.

We realize that we have been given a magnificent opportunity to have a direct impact on the evolution of technology infrastructure.  We do not take this moment lightly.  Our values of empowerment, education, freedom, diversity and trust are the fundamental catalysts that will allow us to accomplish our mission.

Our mission is driven by two pillars:




In order to provide our customers with the most access to future technologies we develop innovative products to expand the adoption of new technologies and constantly bring more customers to the market. We’re in stealth mode for now.



Our advisory practice strives to educate individuals on the intricacies of the blockchain industry at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We also provide educational and product development services for enterprise clients, including employee and manager training, research & development assistance, internal control testing, and other custom services.

Our business model enables us to leverage these pillars to gather insights more quickly, better understand the evolution of the industry and be on the cutting edge of technology.  Competency in these verticals creates a mutually reinforcing set of skills, knowledge and capabilities that magnifies as we expand our business.